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Develop  2 Win 

Developing the player AND the person.

"I have known Trevor for over 6 years and have nothing but positive things to say about him. Trevor was always a role model and positive influence on my son's life. Now that my son has continued to play in college, we have continued having Trevor coach him. My son will always think of him as a great coach, friend, and role model." -Wendy Johnson (Mother of former player of Coach Amicone)

You cannot fragment your life. As much as you would like to make the ballpark a sanctuary, if you have problems off the field they WILL eventually leak onto the field. 

"Coach Amicone has to be one of the best coaches I've ever been around at any level. Not only has he influenced my son to be a better player, but also a better student and human being"

-Bret Gines (Son played for Coach Amicone and still does hitting lessons with him)

"Trevor Amicone has had a profound and positive impact on my life from the first day that I met him. Coach Amicone was not only my baseball coach, but also a great mentor. I'll forever be grateful for the impact Coach made on my life."   -Sam Merrill (Current basketball star at Utah State University, played for Coach Amicone in high school) 

"Everywhere he goes, they hit & they win. He knows something." -Joe Haumacher, pitching coach in the Baltimore Orioles Organization 

"Our boys loved playing for Coach Amicone. In every interaction that we ever had with Coach Amicone, it was both positive and professional. We would not hesitate to recommend Trevor as a coach or educator to anyone." -Shannon and Jeff Simmons (Parents of two sons who played for Coach Amicone)

"I have never seen a coach do so much for his team. He has taught them life lessons, and how winning games is not the biggest goal. He has taught them that through mistakes, we learn to be stronger people." -Holly Evans (Mother of former player)

"Anyone who gets the opportunity to play for Trevor will never regret it and will learn to work hard, compete at their highest ability, and love and respect the game. I would give anything to have Trevor still coaching my son." -Scott Weierman (Son played for Trevor)

"My son would come home every day and talk so highly of Coach Amicone. My son was so impressed with Coach's ability to teach lifelong skills and his knowledge of the game. Trevor is a highly respected man in the  community and I am honored to know him and call him a friend." -Jill (Mother of a former player)

"I've known Coach Amicone for about five years now and I've never met a man more loving, caring, or kind than he is. He's the type of man I want to be. Other than my father, Coach is my greatest role model. He taught me how to work hard, how to come to know myself, and how to be a better person." -Ryan Curtis (Former player and state MVP, now a college outfielder)

Our mission is to create a resource to teach and discuss the art and science of player development and human performance. 

We believe in skill acquisition through a constraints-led approach.

"Trevor's influence on his players has been great. He is a man of great integrity and character. He has concern about his athlete's well-being, and he has compassion for each individual's situation. If I had a son, I would love to have Trevor be his coach." -Legendary Bingham High School Head Coach Joey Sato (4-time state championship coach)



Trevor Amicone is currently the Triple-A hitting coach for the New York Yankees. He has worked with professional, college, high school, and youth players for more than a decade. Trevor is an On Base University certified hitting instructor. While hitting is his specialty, he also does defensive and pitching lessons. He has also had success working with fastpitch softball hitters. 

Coach Amicone has been an extremely successful high school head coach, private hitting instructor, and hitting consultant. He grew up in a coaching and baseball family. His father is the general manager of the Angels Triple-A affiliate (the Salt Lake Bees), his mother is a legendary softball coach in the West (she is currently the coach at Weber State University), and his brother Derek is an assistant coach and the recruiting coordinator at Utah Valley University. 

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six components

 of hitting

My highest concern will always be what works. What leads to scoring runs? There are so many variables in hitting that I avoid the words "always" or "never." There are only a few mechanical absolutes, but we spend 99% of our time focused on mechanics. So I constantly find myself asking "If you had the perfect mechanics, what would still keep you from getting good results at the plate?" 

That's what I focus on as a hitting coach and the results speak for themselves.

Ultimately, there is no substitute for athleticism and talent. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either not very smart or trying to sell you something.

If you had perfect mechanics, you would still not be able to be productive as a hitter if you can't see the ball.

If you had perfect mechanics, you still would not be productive as a hitter if you swing at bad pitches.

If you had perfect mechanics, you would still not be able be productive as a hitter if you are mentally weak.

If you had perfect mechanics, you would still not be able to be productive as a hitter if you can't be on time.

If you had perfect mechanics, you would still not be able to be productive as a hitter if you have the wrong approach and don't communicate with your teammates.

trevor amicone

Hitting and Mental Performance Coach

For hitting lessons in the St. George, Utah area, email:

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1 hour 1 player: $60
1 hour 2 players: $40 each
1 hour 4 players: $30 each
half hour 1 player: $30
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